Stranger Searching

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Episode 6

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Alternate Title Redheaded Foreigner
Kanji 赤毛異人
Romaji Akage Ijin
Stranger Searching (赤毛異人, Akage Ijin) is the sixth episode of Samurai ChamplooIt originally aired July 1, 2004 and aired June 19, 2005 in the US.


The trio enters into an eating competition with Mugen and Jin's swords on the line. After a mysterious man wins the eating competition, they must find a way to get their swords back and save the mysterious man. Will they succeed?


  • Fuu
  • Mugen
  • Jin
  • Izsaac Titsingh
  • Izumi
  • Ichiemon
  • Father Ingen
  • Sounosuke
  • "Lady" Actor
  • Sukeemon Tanaka

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