Redeye Reprisal
Redeye Reprisal

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Alternate Title Veritable Pandemonium
Kanji 百鬼夜行
Romaji Hyakkiyakō
Redeye Reprisal (百鬼夜行, Hyakkiyakō) is the second episode of Samurai Champloo. It originally aired June 03, 2004 and aired May 21, 2005 in the US.


Having had his arm sliced off by Mugen in the restaurant, Sasaki Ryujiro, a bodyguard of the prefect's son, Tomonoshin Shibui, seeks revenge and sends over two assassins. To Jin, he sends over a man who seems like an insignificant character but who turns out to be a terribly skilled assassin. To Mugen, he sends over a large ogre-like man, from his remote hut in the woods, who has supernatural strength and the furious look of a demon. Fuu gets kidnapped by Ryujiro, while the two face each of their assassins.


A list of characters that appeared in Redeye Reprisal, in order of appearance.

Sasaki Ryujiro
Saruhashi and Kiji

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